Multimedia Web Site Design

If you really want to add some sizzle and create a truly cutting edge site, then the use of Multimedia is the best way to achieve this. Multimedia on the web is the use of audio, video and animation.

We have a specialist team of multimedia developers who can create dynamic presentations for your site, add audio buttons or create full motion video. Flash is by far the most popular and effective of all the technologies and comes pre-installed on most browsers, having a user base covering 98% of Internet traffic. Below are some Uses for Web Site Multimedia.

multimediaAnimated header graphics.

If you simply want to add a bit of movement to your web pages this a cost effect option and makes your site stand out from the normal static pages.

Full Screen animations.

To be more dynamic we can create you a full Flash animated web site with stunning effects on every page.

Audio Buttons or 'Juke Boxes'.

If you want to make your web site talk adding Audio buttons is an easy way to accomplish this. Your visitors can click on a button and hear you explain your product or service instead of reading about it. We can also mix in backing tracks and intros. If you wish to have long audio tracks such as seminars we can break this up into chapters which gives your visitor the ability to fast forward and rewind using a web 'Juke box'

Video ads or presentations.

If have a video you wish to show on your website we can easily create a video to impress and inform your visitors.