Online Markeing Services

Getting your brand noticed in as many places on the Internet is a major part of marketing your website. Not only do prospective customers look for products and services on the search engines they also look on social media sites.

However, we are unique. Our aim is to develop an effective Internet marketing solution through an integrated approach of both design and marketing to harness the full potential of the web for your company.

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Below is a summary of the components that make up our online marketing packages. However, every client is unique. We research the target market of each client and create a personalised marketing plan that will achieve the best results for their particular requirement.

Our SEO specialists will optimise your website to achieve page one rankings in the major search engines to bring a flood of targeted traffic to your website. This is completely different from search engine promotion offered by a lot of agencies. This usually involves no more than submitting your site to hundreds of low quality search engine sites using automated software. However this is of no real benefit for the following reasons:

1. The 3 major Engines account for over 95% of the total traffic, therefore submission to hundreds of engines is a waste of time.

2. Using submission software actually results in lower ranking on these search engines. (Search engines prefer to 'find' web sites.)

3. There is no point submitting your site if it has not been optimised to achieve a top ranking. There are millions of sites on the web. If yours isn't optimised then it will be lost amongst the crowd.

We will customise your pages for the major search engines. As each engine uses a different algorithm to rank your site, that means we may need to create a separate page for each key phrase and search engine. After your pages have been optimised we will start a linking campaign so the search engines can find your site via other quality sites which will improve your ranking. Our SEO packages can be paid for on a monthly basis with a small setup fee. You normally start to see results after the first 2 or 3 months and after 6 months your web site will have achieved an agreed number of top 10 positions on the major search engines.

As the search engines constantly change the ranking algorithm, we provide an ongoing search engine optimisation service on a monthly basis where we monitor your web site rankings and make changes as necessary to ensure the top rankings.

Local SEO:

More and more searches on Google are for local businesses so if you are a business looking for local clients it makes sense to optimise you website for your local area.  If you search for a local business on Google you may now see a map above the natural listings with local business details and telephone numbers.  Sytec can optimise your website in just a few weeks to appear in these listings. See our Case Studies page.

Pay per Click (PPC):

With a new website it can take months to get reasonable ranking in the natural search engines. Our SEO service is a 6 month program but it can take even longer to get the best possible ranking. A quick alternative which brings in instant traffic is to use per per click search engines. Done correctly your profits should be at least twice your marketing spend. If not done correctly you could be spending more on advertising than you receive in sales revenue.  With our specialist knowledge we can manage your Google Adwords account to make sure you are targeting the right keywords for maximum profits. This can be a short term option until your natural search engine listings start to bring in traffic but you may wish to use pay per click on a long term basis.


This is only suitable for a site that is particularly newsworthy or offers special services. In such a case we will submit the details of your site to our database of thousands of online journalists.

Opt-In Email:

This is an aspect of online marketing that brings everything together. All the methods previously described have been methods to get people to visit your site. However this isn't enough. Once a visitor comes to your site you need to maintain their interest so that they return to the web site. Opt-in email is the most effective method. Opt-in means the visitor chooses to be added to your e-mail list. The 'bait' for getting them to do this is to offer free information, in the form of an online newsletter or an e-zine, as mentioned above. This will allow you to build a growing list of prospective customers who are interested in the kind of products and services you offer. You will then be able to turn casual visitors to your web site, into successful long term business relationships, built on friendship and trust.

Affiliate Programs:

If you have a product that can be ordered over the Internet, then you should consider setting up an affiliate program. This allows thousands of other sites to sell your product on commission basis. This method has been most successful with, the world's largest online bookstore.